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The Magnificent New Normal

40 experts offering practical tips, mindful exercises and daily challenges to enrich your life, uplift society and inspire global transformation. Whether it’s the spiritual, intellectual or the emotional arenas of life — find what resonates with you and engage with a dedicated online community while answering this urgent call to reinvent yourself and our world! Don’t miss A Magnificent New Normal from September 14 – October 24, 2020, free and online!


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Secret Ingredients 

Secret Ingredients shares the heartrending stories of people suffering from numerous disorders, from cancer to infertility, brain fog to skin rashes. The film chronicles their journey from tears of sadness to joy, as life-limiting medical problems dissolve after they discover a simple way to regain health — by eating organic food that is free from GMOs, Roundup herbicide, and other synthetic toxins.

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Natural Medicine Secrets  

In this new 9-episode docu-series, leading expert and investigative journalist Jonathan Otto has gathered over 55 of the world’s best natural medicine doctors. These experts will share the top natural healing protocols they’ve developed over decades of clinical practice. 



october 6 – 14

Fatty Liver Docu-Class

Did you know that 100 Million people have Fatty Liver Disease just in the United States? It’s a huge epidemic that you aren’t hearing about in the mainstream media! Come learn how to protect yourself (or even reverse it) in the Fatty Liver Docu-Class. It’s 100% free — but you must save your seat before October 6th.

october 12 – 18

Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass

What you do each day and the environment in which you live can have a huge impact on your physical and emotional health, regardless of your genetics. In fact, 70% of deaths from chronic disease are preventable with lifestyle interventions! There is SO MUCH you can do in your daily life to build your health, and much of it is affordable and accessible! Don’t miss The Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass from October 12-18, 2020, free and online!

october 13 -23

The Truth About Vaccines 2020

Difficult questions about vaccines are on both sides of this HUGE debate. Find out the pros and the cons…and get the knowledge to make your own informed decision.

More than 60 experts unite in a groundbreaking docu-series to share the truth about vaccines.

october 19 – 25

Anti-Cancer Revolution 2 

30+ top oncology specialists will discuss innovations in integrative oncology — bridging the gap between conventional, complementary and alternative practitioners and the patients who can benefit most from their wisdom. Join us to find practical information on how to integrate these approaches into your treatment and care at The Anti-Cancer Revolution 2 from October 19-25, 2020, free and online!

november 2 – 8

Anxiety Summit 6 

Today, more than ever, people are finding themselves in a state of chronic stress and anxiety. It’s time to learn how toxins, medications and/or infections could be a trigger for your anxiety so you can implement targeted, supportive solutions and get relief! Don’t miss The Anxiety Summit 6 from November 2-8, 2020, free and online!

november 9 – 15

Parasympathetic Summit  

50 international experts will show you how to activate and support your parasympathetic nervous system with effective detox and diet strategies, vagus nerve stimulation exercises, mindfulness techniques and energetic healing modalities. Learn how to turn off the stress response to improve your health, increase your energy, prevent chronic conditions and turn on your body’s ability to heal. Don’t miss The Parasympathetic Summit running November 9-15, 2020, free and online!

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